Introducing the World’s First “Smart Flow Cytometer™”

Moxi FlowThe operating principle behind the Moxi Flow Smart Flow Cytometer is a unique combination of Coulter-style cell size determination with simultaneous fluorescence detection. As cells flow single file through the microfabricated single-use flow cell the volume of each particle is measured at the exact same time as their primary fluorescence is measured using a 532nm solid state diode laser. Thousands of cells are measured in the 10 second read time and the data are plotted in a gradient density scatter plot as Cell size (volume) vs. Fluorescence (PMT voltage).

Gating is easily performed on the unit umoxidisplaysing a interactive touch display, and the resulting live/dead ratios are automatically calculated (depending on the app selected). The analyzed data can also be displayed as a two color size histogram. Total volumetric cell counts are automatically determined for each test by precisely measuring the volume of fluid being analyzed.

Current applications are:

  • Viability with PI
  • Apoptosis (Annexin V-PE)
  • 2 Parameter Flow Cytometry—1 CD marker and viability
  • Size Histogram
  • Fluorescence Bead Assay

Comes with preloaded applications that are optimized for each assay. This device is ideal for rapid characterization and quantification of cell suspensions in a clinical or research setting.

Advantages over traditional cell counting include:

  • “Plug and Play” Simplicity- No set up needed, just insert the cassette and load your sample.
  • Versatile- Able to run two parameter cytometry mode for customization of assay and flexibility
  • Blood, Bone Marrow, and ADRC analysis: RBC, WBC (CD45+) , and MSC (CD34+) counts, etc.
  • Incredible performance and affordability in a small package. CV <5% for count and viability assays vs. >25% with imaging and hemocytometry