Discovering natural ways to repair the body


Discover how PulseWave ® can be utilized for erectile dysfunction, orthopedic and aesthetic use.


Learn how allograft products can be a successful substitute to traditional pain management and surgery.

Autologous Bone Marrow Aspiration

Find out how Marrow Cellution can maximize cellular recovery and minimize peripheral infiltration.

Laboratory Centrifuge

Discover how our centrifuge is compact and produces effective results for PRP and other materials.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Unit 10L

Learn about how to preserve specimen more efficiently with our liquid nitrogen container.


Learn about how Low-Level Laser Therapy from the iHelmet can maximize hair regeneration.

Male Sexual Wellness Pump

Find out how our pump device can enhance sexual performance without the need for drugs or surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Learn more about how the FDA Approved Centrepid™ Plasma Collection Kit can benefit your practice.

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