PulseWave Therapy

PulseWave, also called Acoustic Wave Therapy, is a radial PulseWave device which uses the body’s intrinsic repair mechanisms to repair the tissue. The application of acoustic wave therapy results in transient cellular membrane permeability. The exchange of substances between cells is thus improved. The acoustic wave therapy treatment increases blood flow in all tissue layers, including the connective tissue, through vasodilation and neovascularization.

Cover more indications

Energy ranges from 10mJ to 190mJ, at 10mJ intervals. Accurate energy settings mean accurate dosages for treatment.

Precise dosage

Frequency ranges from 1Hz to 22Hz, at 1Hz intervals. Easy to adjust the frequency at any time while in operation.

Durable design

At least 2 million shots for every ballistic bullet. With proper maintenance, you can attain triple the amount of usage.

High efficiency

5 different transmitters made of high-quality alloy

Versatile usage

Dual channel output

The PulseWave® radial shock wave machine can support over 6,000 continuous pulses, then built in cooling self-protection kicks in.


PulseWave® is based on ESWT technology for physiotherapy pain relief, sports injury and rehabilitation treatment, aesthetic cellulite reduction, stretch mark and keloid scar elimination, erectile dysfunction treatment and Peyronie’s disease.

What can PulseWave® treat?


The radial PulseWave device features a touch screen and two quick set knobs that allow you to fast tune the acoustic wave therapy frequency and energy. The energy settings range from 10mJ to 190mJ, at 10mJ intervals for accurate increments of treatment to be distributed, and the frequency settings range from 1Hz to 22Hz, at 1Hz intervals that make adjusting frequency a simple task during a procedure. The ballistic bullet included is optimized for longevity, carrying at least two million shots per handpiece and supporting over six thousand simultaneous shots before it shifts into a self-protection mode to prevent overheating. It comes with five different heads depending on indication being treated.

Additionally, the system includes five rich transmitters made with high-grade alloy, a dual channel output for handpieces and 45 treatment protocols built into the system with customizable settings and comprehensive instructions that any user can easily master. The software that helps run the system allows you to change shot numbers during a procedure and shift channel parameter, three burst modes, and profile management that keeps track of your patients based on the information they provide you. If a patient’s pain level during the procedure is intolerable, the operator may adjust the preset parameters to accommodate the patient.

For new operators, a step by step wizard is available and is easy to use. For experienced operators, fast mode is provided to begin the treatment menu immediately.

The Benefits

With over 2,000 units installed worldwide and over 20,000,000 patients treated, the PulseWave® Acoustic Wave Therapy System is recommended by doctors and patients alike.  The production standards set by Pulse-Wave® ensure quality control is thoroughly taken into consideration when shipping products to your doorstep. Technology is always updating so as time progresses, you will be able to utilize more features through the latest in hardware and software as soon as they are made available.

Dr. Janifer owns 3 clinics in the US and one PulseWave® for each clinic since 2013 for both physiotherapy and aesthetic purposes.

“Wonderful product, dramatic results.  I really like PulseWave.”

Dr. Sibei is a physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the shock wave therapy method.  He has been using PulseWave® since 2015.

“PulseWave is a good replacement for my old pulse wave machine.  I use it every day.”