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Many types of doctors are finding useful applications for the PulseWave® in their clinics. Both medical professionals and patients are very satisfied with PulseWave®.

Male Enhancement Device

The male enhancement device is an innovative medical aid designed to improve male sexual wellness and health. It is an easy alternative solution to improve blood flow without the need for drugs, surgery or other forms of intervention.

It is designed to help those who wish to improve their sexual wellness, it has been shown to be very effective when treating ED (erectile dysfunction).

Product Features and Highlights

Quality Components

Medical Grade components, manufactured from a washable Silicone, PVS, and ABS. Top removes for easy cleaning.

Professional Design

The enhancement device is made with high-quality materials designed to maximize ease of use, the unit comes with a one year warranty.

Pressure Options

There are four predefined levels and a quick release button, you control amount of pressure. Sensors maintain that pressure.

Easy to Use

Each component has been designed to be easy to use and simple to clean. The effectiveness has been demonstrated over the years.


Product Specifications