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Many types of doctors are finding useful applications for the PulseWave® in their clinics. Both medical professionals and patients are very satisfied with PulseWave®.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Zizion’s Cryo Liquid Nitrogen Tank and Storage Containers are widely used for storing and transferring liquid nitrogen to use for preserving specimens such as allografts, microbes, vaccines, skin, organ treatments, embryos, body fluids, cryotherapy, and other applications. Each storage container consists of an inner vessel, an outer shell, canisters and a neck tube linking the inner and outer liquid nitrogen tanks. They are light weight, portable and built for deep freezing through their multi-layered thermal insulation material. The storage containers are made with a high strength aluminum alloy system and feature a protective jacket and optional locking for added protection.

Our Model ZG-LN2-YDS10 liquid nitrogen tank is designed with compact storage in mind that keeps the specimen secured in freezing temperatures. It has a total height of 530mm with a mouth diameter of 50mm and an outside diameter of 305mm. The unit weighs in at 14.1Kg with only 6Kg while empty. This particular liquid nitrogen tank and storage container can hold 10L in liquid capacity, has a daily evaporation rate of 0.10L per day and carries a static hold time of 101 days under normal use.

Model ZG-LN2-YDS10