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Many types of doctors are finding useful applications for the PulseWave® in their clinics. Both medical professionals and patients are very satisfied with PulseWave®.


Smart Laser Hair Growth System

All of our efforts are dedicated to maximizing hair regeneration.


Low-Level Laser Therapy for Hair Growth

Improve Metabolism and Blood Circulation

By healing the base of the hair follicle, this FDA cleared low-level laser therapy stimulates the mitochondria of the hair cells to produce cellular energy (ATP) which is necessary for hair growth. The iHelmet low-level laser therapy device causes hair growth by improving blood circulation and nutritional supply for the hair cells. These 650nm/5mw low-level lasers penetrate the scalp at 3-5 mm, enhancing cell energy and nutrition for the hair follicles.

Hair follicles shrink

FDA Cleared

Hair follicles begin growing

CE Approved

Hair follicles rejuvenated

650nm 5mw


Overall efficacy exceeded 88%.

A Clinical Study of the iHelmet low-level laser therapy device was launched examining 100 patients with Androgenic Alopecia. The overall efficacy exceeded 88%. Results included decreased scalp sebum, control of inflammation and new hair growth.

88% overall hair growth & no side effects.

200 Lasers

No matter where hair loss is, the laser is effective.

The iHelmet is equipped with 200 custom-designed lasers. Users will experience full scalp hair growth with recommended usage of this user-friendly, state-of-the-art device.

200 lasers, 100% scalp coverage & laser spot matrix.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

7 Scalp Areas & Laser Pulse

Customize every laser beam for different hair loss type.

Every single treatment is customized, based on the extent and scalp area of hair loss. iHelmet divides one treatment into seven. It emits the strongest laser to the area of most significant hair loss. While emitting the weakest amount to the fuller area.

Temperature Sensor, Time Auto Adjusted, Coherent Energy & 25-35 Mins

Capture every degree of radiation and adjust the time of each treatment.

This is a groundbreaking method of energy delivery for a laser hair growth device. Every time you turn it on, it senses ambient temperature and adjusts the time of every treatment automatically, to ensure coherent energy for each treatment.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

One iHelmet, One family, Lifetime use.

iHelmet is good for men and women with androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, postpartum hair loss, and chemotherapy-induced hair loss. It is applicable for men who have Norwood-Hamilton Classification IIa-V and women with Ludwig-Savin Classification of I-II. Also for men and women with Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin Phototypes I-IV.

 Androgenic Alopecia & Alopecia Areata


I-II (females)




Low-Level Laser Therapy

Infinite Ways to Care About  People Suffering from Hair Loss

The iHelmet is an innovative hair regrowth device which is clearly distinctive from other currently used devices. The App has been tailored to offer each user unique features about their own hair regrowth process, including reminders, records, evaluation, and other hair loss modes of treatment.

Hair Loss Modes


Records Scalp Data

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Obtain the Result You Want.