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Many types of doctors are finding useful applications for the PulseWave® in their clinics. Both medical professionals and patients are very satisfied with PulseWave®.

Exosomes in Regenerative Medicine

Exosomes are membrane-enclosed entities that are released into the extracellular milieu and correlate with normal physiologic processes. Their modulation of these processes suggests that they directly contribute to communication between cellular components and impact healing of many disease states.

Equisome HC®

MSC Exosomes and Growth Factors Kimera’s Equisome HC® is a revolutionary wound treatment that includes stem cell derived exosomes, growth factors, and a variety of other proprietary ingredients.

Just Three Times a Week

Equisome HC® is an easy to apply spray which is administered only three times a week. It acts to stimulate the growth of desired tissue types while preventing proud flesh and scar tissue by attracting the most optimal wound healing and remodeling cells.

The ingredients of Equisome HC® work in unison to prevent infection and proud flesh while promoting skin growth and wound contraction. The stem cell factors also promote angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) in the wound being treated.

Amazing Results

The results achieved from the use of this revolutionary wound treatment speak for themselves. Equine veterinarians throughout the country that have treated horse wounds with Kimera’s Equisome HC® have found the ease of application and speed of recovery to be astounding.

If you are unfamiliar with this product, please contact us at (832) 247-3218 for answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

Easy to Apply

Equisome HC® is best used as soon as the granulation tissue covers any bone or tendons. Equisome HC® should be administered after the wound is sprayed with water for 3 to 5 minutes to remove any dirt or debris and to aid in the removal of dead tissue. Bandaging is not required as long as there is a layer of granulation tissue covering bones and tendons.

As shown below, our achieved results using Kimera’s Equisome HC® are nothing short of amazing.

Exosomes help wounds heal and remodel without scar tissue by upregulating M2 macrophages, downregulating M1 macrophages, and promoting angiogenesis.


Case 1

Case 2

Client Photo
Ruth Sebring Horse Owner

It saved my horse’s ability to show in the future.

Client Photo
Dr. Danny Dutton Equine Veterinarian

The wounds that I’ve seen using this product over the last few months have been amazing in terms of the rapidity of their healing, the quality of healing and the overall aesthetics when the wound has healed.

Client Photo
Amanda Koester Horse Trainer

In my ten years as a horse trainer, I have never seen a wound heal as fast as ‘Gotta DUI’s Gaskin wound. This wound spray is amazing.