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Many types of doctors are finding useful applications for the PulseWave® in their clinics. Both medical professionals and patients are very satisfied with PulseWave®.

Introduction to Marrow Cellution™

Benefits at a Glance

How it Works

The MARROW CELLUTION™ bone marrow aspiration maximizes stem & progenitor cell recovery while minimizing peripheral blood infiltration. Because fluid under force follow the path of least resistance, traditional trocar needles with side ports aspirate primarily through the distal end of the cannula. This leads to excessive blood collection, requiring additional manipulation (i.e. centrifugation or chemical separation in a laboratory).

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A traditional trocar needle aspirates primarily peripheral blood.

MARROW CELLUTION™ accesses aspirate flow collected exclusively laterally as the tip of the aspiration cannula is closed, allowing marrow collection perpendicular to and around the channel created by the bone marrow aspiration device. It incorporates technology to precisely reposition the harvesting cannula within the marrow space after each aspiration. These features achieve a clinicians’ desire for a single-entry point.

MARROW CELLUTION™ aspirates bone marrow from multiple locations while minimizing peripheral blood collection.