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MMT is able to provide a point of care,
office based adipose derived cell (ADRC) processing solution.

This flexible system provides the onsite ability to harvest adipose tissue (lipoaspirate)
and “save” viable stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells with proven results.

Services include providing onsite or in-house training and laboratory supplies, reagents (research only), in order to ensure your procedures and equipment perform to achieve maximum viability and yield of ADRC’s.

Cell Solutions Boca Raton Cell Solutions™ adheres to the FDA’s minimal tissue manipulation guidelines and follows good tissue practice regulations unlike other systems that use an enzyme and are used off-label.
Our technology does not involve enzymatic digestion which can add an additional $300+ per case. Our disassociation process via a mechanical infrasonic modality significantly reduces overall procedure time and costs.

Cell Solutions™ is component based to save you time and money. It’s possible that you do not need to purchase our flow hood if the procedures will be performed in a “Class 10,000” surgical suite, or if you own the proper centrifuge.

Disposable cost is roughly $60.00 per case! Compare that to all the other systems that run well over $800.00 per case (disposables and enzyme).

The Cell Solutions™protocol can harvest and save highly viable adipose regenerative cells in about 45 minutes providing a cost effective and efficient procedure.
MMT provides complete onsite installation assistance and will train the appropriate staff on all protocols and procedures for one or two days. We are committed to providing customizable, value based solutions that meet the needs of the physician and patient. Private workshops are available demonstrating Cell Solutions™.